Saturday, July 23, 2011

Triple A Image: Be Aware, Be Authentic, Be Appropriate (Step 2)

The past few days I've been sharing with you the importance of matching what we project on the outside with who we really are on the inside. This thing called 'image' not only speaks to our level of professionalism, but also to our character. To catch up, read the "He Said WHAT?" post from a few days ago, then yesterday's post Triple A Image-Step 1- Be Aware. 
Today’s tip:

Be Authentic.

The dictionary definition of authentic is: "Genuine, real, not false or copied." When it comes to your image, you have to decide who you are. Are you the friendly, approachable person?  Are you the no-nonsense, let’s-get-it-taken-care-of specialist? Are you  laid-back.. or aggresive? (Are you a little of both?) Are you an early bird who gets the worm.. or the tiger who kicks it into high gear later in the day?

When you are defining your image, don’t try to be anyone other than who you are. You can fake it for awhile, but you cannot sustain it and that’s when you veer into the area of image without substance. It's a dangerous venue that will ultmately lead to failure, because it will cause others to lose confidence in who you say you are.. and what you do. 
Once you determine who you are--what's really inside your heart and your mind--decide how best you can demonstrate that through your image-- your ABC's. (See previous post.)  Be consistent so that you.. and your image.. are reliable. If you do need to make adjustments so that the outer You matches the inner You... don't fake it. Work on it. Keep it real! Be authentic in your efforts.

Next Time: Be Appropriate.

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  1. Hey--good stuff here! I did read the "He said WHAT" post, and I was shocked and appalled. And you made me giggle a little.

    Signed, your tiger friend~ <3