Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just Breathe

It's been a month.

I have alternated between days where I lost my breath because I was racing around so fast, to days where I felt like I was on my last breath--- slogging through the wet cement that was my day. One step forward, two steps back. 

Until this morning---when a little breath of wind made all the difference.

I woke up just as the sun was coming up and decided to go out for an early walk. I opened the door to air that was already uncomfortably warm and stuffy. I hesitated, but decided to take the walk anyway. The neighborhood was quiet. At first, the only sound I heard came from sprinklers that were watering the increasingly green grasses of spring. Then, I heard the chirp of birds. I looked up and saw two redbirds racing from tree to tree in what looked to be a game of avian tag. They flitted here and there, then skedaddled off to parts unknown. Then, I heard the chattering of squirrels and watched as they scampered across a lawn and up a tree...then halfway down..then back up again.  

The stresses of the month began ease.

I turned my attention away from the sounds of the morning and focused on the sights. The sky was so vividly blue this morning. Crayola only wishes it had a blue that intensely beautiful. Fluffy white clouds would gather in one spot.. then suddenly dash off as if to find another place to play. 

Back on the ground, the flowers in the neighborhood yards began to open and greet the day. The hibiscus flowers were especially vibrant, although nearby roses provided colorful competition.

As I approached the house and began walking back up the driveway, a breeze began to blow. It blew softly at first.. then more briskly. The leaves in the trees began to swish back and forth. I just stood there, closed my eyes, listened to the soft movement and let the light wind wash over me. Within minutes, the temperature had dropped a bit.. and the air felt clear... and clean. It was, without question, the breath of fresh air that I had needed.

I smiled, opened my eyes, and decided that the unexpectedly early wake-up call and this spur of the moment walk had been God's gifts to me---gifts that ended with a  feeling of renewal and excitement for what this day will hold.

I am looking forward to seeing what His breath will blow my way.