Monday, July 29, 2013

Sometimes You Don't Have to Have Eyes to See

     About eight years ago, I met a remarkable young man and his equally remarkable mother. The 7 year old boy was blind. I was watching him play t-ball. He was hitting the ball again, and again, and again! He was living out his dream with thanks to the doctors at St. Jude Children's Hospital who saved his life even when they couldn't save his eyes. He was living out his dream with thanks to his mother who always told him he could do anything he wanted to do... with or without his sight. He was living out his dream thanks to a t-ball coach who took a chance on the little boy who couldn't see with his eyes, but who had great vision of heart. He was living out his dream with thanks to a God who was watching over his every movement, on and off the field.

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit with this incredible family once again. Everyone should be so fortunate as to cross the paths of people like this--people with extraordinary faith, hope...and vision. 

I produced a video devotional a few years back, based on some of the people I met... and experiences I had... as a television news anchor. Their story is logged as "The Feature." I'd love for you to watch it... and say a prayer for Jacob and his mom and family. They are doing great and I look forward to updating you on their story very soon!


  1. They are great people...and it shows that with Faith all things are possible with Christ...

  2. I was wondering what you were up to, Drexel and decided to google ur name. As it turns out your story about Jacob is a familiar one! I taught the deaf at Causey while he was with the Regional School and I remember his gentle soul! He was very much liked by teachers, office and cafeteria staff and of course the students and often described as "A GREAT kid" ! I am thrilled to hear that both he and you are doing well! Looking forward to future entries!
    C Deupree