Thursday, March 6, 2014

Push to Open (Chapel A Day 2014 Day 2)

If  you didn't know it was a little chapel... you might think it's just an extension of the beautiful church it sits alongside. That's what I thought, until a friend told me about the chapel that sits next to Christ the King church in Daphne, AL. It is open 24/7.

I stopped in on Day 2 of my Lenten journey. The chapel is beautiful and peaceful. I spent the first few moments taking it all in. Then I prayed, and read some from my favorite devotional. I felt that there was a reason I should have stepped into this chapel on this day. As often happens during these chapel visits, however, the "word" on why I was here... wasn't coming to me easily.

So, I sat.

I looked around. On the wall are depictions of the seven stations of the cross- a pictorial escort of Christ's journey from the Garden of Gethsemane to Golgotha. I studied each one, and as always, was moved by the telling of the story that changed history.

But... that's not why I was here.

I studied the statues of Jesus and Mary. I thought about their relationship as mother and son.. and as woman and Savior. As always... both relationships boggled my mind. 

But.. that's not why I was here.

Okay, then.. what?????? Whhhaaatttt??? I (very prayerfully and respectfully) thought.

I was on the very back row, sitting in a pew against the wall. I glanced over to my left and this caught my eye.

Really, Drexel? All of the beautiful, spiritual, thought-provoking and spirit-stirring items in this chapel and you land on the "Push to Open" button?


"Push to Open." The words are wheelchair level...about 24 inches below a depiction of Jesus...pushing his way toward His destiny Pushing through the throngs of people lining the dusty streets...some jeering, some weeping, some simply dazed. Pushing through the closed minds of those who would put him to death, so that He could open the door to life... for the world.

"Push to Open."

I sat for a few moments with my eyes closed, imagining the scene as it played out all of those centuries ago. When I opened my eyes, I looked back at the button. This time, the word "PUSH" did not stand out to me. This time, the word "OPEN" jumped out. 

It occurred to me that He is done with the pushing part. He never was a pushy guy to begin with. Nope. No more pushing. Now, it's up to us to open the way, by opening the door.

"Push to Open." Try it. You never know Who might be waiting on the other side.

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