Sunday, February 7, 2016

What's In Your Heart?

Photo credit: Jeff King/JKingSr Photography
One week from today is Valentine's Day. You know-  hearts, flowers, chocolate. On this day, lovers will love, couples will couple, and Hallmark will... 


Valentine's Day. It's the day when we are encouraged to let the one we love with all our heart... know that we love them... with all of our heart.

In parts of Europe, a popular Valentine's Day gift is a key. As in the key that unlocks the heart. That got me to thinking.

If my heart were to be unlocked... what would be found inside?

I like to think that my heart is full of love, peace and joy. And mostly, I think it is. But there's this one little part, a hide-away closet so to speak, where I hide things. Those "things" may change depending on the day and the circumstances. But they remain things that I keep locked away so others can't see them. Things like impatience, jealousy, anxiety, fear, distrust and pride. 

So, today, one week from Valentine's Day, I'm pulling out my "key." The one that opens the door to the hide-away closet in my heart. I am going to let those hidden things out... not for the purpose of letting them run amok in me, but for the purpose of looking them in their beady little eyes, and telling them that there is no room in my heart for them anymore. I need the space for a little more love, a little more joy, and a little more peace. I want the space to be filled up with my love for the people who are important in my life, and with the love those people give back to me. 

So... what's in YOUR heart? Any hide-away closets that need cleaning out? The "love month" is a good time to do it. It'll do you good. I promise.

With all of my heart.

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