Sunday, August 14, 2011

Road Trip!

I’ve been researching the publishing industry as is relates to children’s literature. I’ve written a children’s book and have begun the journey to find the best way to get it onto the shelves of a bookstore near you. It is a route that is filled with winding roads, hairpin turns, frustrating detours and plenty of dips and bumps.

Along the road, I ran across this quote from the book Rotten Rejections:

“After sixteen rejections, Irving Stone’s Lust for Life was finally accepted and published in 1934. It has now sold about twenty five million copies.”

I haven't been rejected--- yet--- but I know it's coming. It's inevitable. I see the lesson in this quote summed up as this: Never give up.

What’s your dream? Do you want to write, sing, build, paint, entertain, teach, learn, date, marry, lead, preach, speak, parent, design, create, compose, sew, dance, buy, sell… Or, do you have another dream? Do you have more than one dream? ( I hope you do!)

As a woman who is motivated and dedicated to encouraging you to pursue your dreams, goals, and ambitions, I say to you today—DON’T GIVE UP!

Don’t give up because someone tells you that you ‘can’t’, or doesn’t buy into your dream right away. If you have honestly assessed your dream… your vision... and if you absolutely know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that’s it’s real and worth pursuing… then trust your heart and keep on keepin’ on!

Work hard. Do your research. Map out your route. Take your vitamins. And, reach out to those who might be able to move your dream a few miles down the road.

On that note: Do any of you know of a publisher and/or agent who would like to discover the next bestseller in children’s books? Tell them to look for me at the corner of Patience Road and Perseverance Blvd. J

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