Friday, March 9, 2012

Dream Big... Work Hard...

Lately, I’ve been dropping hints about a new adventure I’ve embarked upon. It began more than four years ago. Like most dreams, it didn't come true overnight, or easily. It’s taken hard work, sleepless nights, and the support, encouragement and faith of a small circle of incredibly talented friends (you'll hear more about them in future posts!)

Four years ago, I spoke with a young mom who was stretched so tightly with work, household responsibilities, etc., that she was having trouble even finding time to “read to my children.” I thought back to the days when I had two small children, worked long hours at the TV station, met myself coming and going. I had been that mom. Right then I realized, I had to do something to help.

          I considered how to help her stay connected with her children, when time and distance kept her away. I thought about grandparents who are separated from their grandchildren by distance, or health concerns. I thought.. and I prayed….and I prayed some more. The result is “I Love It When You Read To Me™” personalized reading videos.

          In a nutshell, we publish high-quality, beautifully illustrated children’s books that stretch a child’s vocabulary, stimulate their imagination, and exercise their creativity.

     We offer parents and grandparents (really, anyone who wants to create an incredible memory) the opportunity to read our books before our cameras. Our professional team then edits the recording with music, graphics and special effects into an entertaining, child-pleasing video that puts Mom, Dad, Granddad or Grandmom on their special  child’s TV or computer screen.
     It’s not a substitution for time with the child in your life. It’s a bridge, to help fill the gap when you have to be away.

          There was a flurry of guesses when I posted this picture on Facebook, described as “what it looks like when a dream starts to come true.” It is a stack of paper. THE stack of paper used to print our first books. I was at the printer’s when it was delivered.
 Subsequent photos depict behind the scenes work:
late night of editing videos

shooting commercials

and designing a website.
And, this is where it has all led.

          We take our mobile recording facility on site to locations where parents and grandparents gather— pre-schools, elementary schools, festivals, and more.
     We are a family-oriented group seeking to make this easy for you. We don’t want this to become another item on your too-long ‘to do’ list.
     We book recording events daily. If you do not live near an event, we will soon offer the option of uploading your own video of you reading one- or more- of our books.

          Watching parents and grandparents read for  their children has been awesome. Just this week, a sweet daddy reading to his young son moved me to tears.

          After spending 30 years as a TV reporter writing about car crashes, drug busts and politics, I never dreamed I would write and publish children’s books and use cameras to record precious memories, instead of news events. God is good. He has led me to some amazing people who have helped this project come to life. We are all excited to be on this new journey that only He could have imagined, designed, and put into action. Stop by for a visit.


  1. I LOVE it Drexel!!! What a great way to communicate with our children and grandchildren!! Good luck on this exciting adventure!!

    XOXOXO Diane Payne

  2. These videos will be a family treasure. It is a wonderful concept.
    Connie Woodall Driver, EdD