Wednesday, May 23, 2012

List of Worst Passwords---Is yours on it?

     In these days of increasing threats of identity theft, due in some part to the pilfering of one's passwords to various accounts, I found a recent article by Sid Kirchheimer to be very interesting. His top three suggestions for making passwords harder to crack and easier to remember:

  • Go long. Use at least 12 keystrokes.
  • Mix it up. Use upper and lower case letters, spaces, underscores and symbols like @.
  • Finesse your favorites. Base your passwords on foods, TV shows, songs, etc. that you like, but tweak with aforementioned symbols and casing.

Here's Sid's list of the 25 worst passwords (easiest to guess and steal.)

1.  password          11. baseball          21. 654321
2.  123456              12. 111111            22. superman
3.  12345678           13. iloveyou          23. qzawsx
4.  qwerty              14. master            24. michael
5.  abc123              15. sunshine          25. football
6.  monkey             16. ashley             
7.  1234567             17. bailey            
8.  letmein             18. passwOrd          
9.  trustno1             19. shadow
10. dragon              20. 123123

     Well, thanks for that, Sid. I may have to buy your book, "Scam-Proof Your Life," At the very least, I think I will change my favorite password to:


Not really.

So don't try it.
*Information gleaned from the article "Worst Passwords" by Sid Kirchheimer. 

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