Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Taking a Walk

     "We gain insight when we listen to those who have gone before and who know more than we do- insight we miss when our pride stands in the way. We're able to learn from others when we humble ourselves and acknowledge how little we know. Willingness to learn is a mark of those who are truly wise."~David H. Roper

     I read this quote today, and found it an appropriate reminder as I come off of the 'high' of completing the first leg of my journey back to college. As you may know, on Sunday my youngest daughter and I walked the commencement stage together and received our Associate of Arts degrees. We are both now heading to separate universities to continue our studies, with the goal of earning our bachelor's and master's degrees.

     Following a 32 year 'break' from the classroom, I have discovered that I love being in school. I look forward to my classes.. yes, even math. I enjoy the mental calisthenics my brain is encouraged to undertake; the give-and-take with the younger students renews my enthusiasm for life; and the interaction with the instructors who may-- or may not be-- my generational peers, reminds me of just how much there is to learn during my walk on this planet we call Earth.

     When I took the plunge and returned to school last summer, I vowed to to make every day's walk a learning experience.. to spend every day learning SOMETHING I did not know before. In addition, every week I try to DO something I've never done before. 

     That's a lot of learning and doing in 12 months... and the walk has been awesome. I highly recommend it.

     A structured classroom setting may not be your cup of tea. But, there are are so many ways to add to your learning experience- with books, concerts, art exhibits, church services and small groups, workshops, lectures, simple conversations with people you know, and people you don't .. and if all else fails...there's always Google!

     Re-reading the quote at the beginning of the blog entry leads me to promise to never become too old, stubborn or unwilling to learn, but rather to embrace what I "don't" know... to study and learn...and most importantly, to share what I learn with others in order to help with their journey through life.

     Wanna' walk with me?

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