Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Chapel A Day-Day 4 (Family, Faith and Food!)

Saturday was a beautiful day... in more ways than one. The sun was shining and this is the view that greeted me when I awoke.

Trust me.. it's not my view. It is borrowed from my cousins who've made much smarter real estate choices than I have made! 

Saturday was also beautiful because of my cousins---the ones who have this view-- and two more who were visiting from Texas. We hung out Friday night and all day Saturday. We talked and laughed and ate-- then we talked and laughed and ate some more... then we went to lunch! It was late in the day on Saturday when I remembered my Lenten promise-- to carve out an hour a day to sit quietly in a chapel-- feeding NOT my face.. but my spirit! 


I didn't want to leave them! We were having so much fun that breaking away was hard! But one of my cousins (Julie-you're my heart!) is keenly aware of my 40 day commitment... and I wanted to be accountable to her. We began searching for nearby chapels or churches that might be open on a Saturday afternoon. Turns out there was a Catholic church just up the road that had a 5:00 Mass scheduled. 

Even though it was just a bit after 3:00, this Methodist girl decided to drive over and go visitin'. I went inside and took a spot in the back. It was quiet. The sun was streaming through the stain glass window above the altar. It was beautiful.

I wish I could tell you that something miraculous happened... or that I had an 'ah-ha' moment, as I did yesterday (see Day 3) or that I received divine inspiration, communication or direction.

I. Did. Not.

But, I sat there for the hour. I prayed, meditated and read devotional scriptures. When the hour was up, I left. I felt peaceful and happy-- but nothing more than normal. 

And, that's ok.

Not every visit to church--or every quiet time spent in devotional readings-- or every Sunday School class has to be a mountaintop experience. Don't be discouraged if you leave from those places feeling--well-- just  'normal.' Those people we read about in the Bible-- they had LOTS of normal days. But, the ones who understood the importance of discipline-- discipline in study, prayer, and the time apart-- were the ones who were most prepared for the BIG moments when they finally came!

I went back to my cousins' house feeling so happy that I'd been given this time with them. Happy that I can have' normal' moments with family, fellowship and yes, FOOD! Happy to know that until the BIG moments come... 'normal' is a gift. 

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