Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Chapel A Day- Day 6 (Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign)

Day 5's blog meandered into the open-air chapel--- a spot by a lake. 

First UMC Pensacola
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On Day 6, my Chapel-A-Day journey takes me back inside to a more traditional setting--- to the oldest Protestant church in Pensacola and the oldest Methodist church in the state of Florida. It is a beautiful church and I want to tell you more, and show you more, about it in days to come. But, not today.

Today, an hour spent in this church reminds me of another beautiful church I visited just a few days ago. First UMC in Fort Walton Beach, Florida is led by my dear friend and former pastor, Rev. Mike Sigler. I made the drive on Sunday to hear him preach and to visit with Mike and his amazing wife, Vicki. Just being in the same room with them is encouraging, uplifting, and healing,. 

Mike talked about u-turns in his sermon that day. His message reminded us that when we find ourselves heading down a wrong path, it's important to stop--repent--turn around and get back on the right track. (Sorry, Mike. You said so much more than that.. and said it so much more eloquently than that-- but I only have so much word-space in this blog! :) )

Since Sunday, I've been trying to pay attention to the signs in my life---not just the U-turns. Sometimes the signs are easily spotted. They tell me to "Yield" "Slow Down" or even "Stop." When I see these signs, and I pay attention, I usually stay out of trouble.

Sometimes, the signs are harder to see. They may be hidden by the overgrowth on the side of Life's road. They may be faded by my fatigue, aggravation, or discouragement. I may just turn a blind-eye to them deliberately, because I don't like what the sign is telling me.

But, they are there. 

And,they are placed at exactly the right spots on the road map of my life, by the One who is doing His best to keep me focused, disciplined and traveling in the right direction.

So, in today's chapel time, I prayed for eyes to see the signs, wisdom to pay attention to them, and courage to follow their lead--- even if they take me up a road that's unknown and uncertain.

As I drove away from the church, thinking about the twists and turns life has taken recently, I looked up and saw something that --if I'm lyin', I'm dyin'--looked just like this:

  I think it's a Sign.

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