Friday, April 19, 2013

Time to Clean the Pot

"Darryl," I said to one of the morning studio camera operators. "The coffee is GREAT this morning! What did you do differently?"

Shrugging his shoulders, he replied, "I cleaned the pot."

I thought about that long ago "morning-news-moment" yesterday--- as my coffee maker was spitting and steaming, fussing and fuming and taking FOR-EV-ERRR to brew. When it finally finished, my coffee tasted---well, let's just say, it was down the drain with that cup-o-joe. So, I tried my old friend Darryl's approach, and---

I cleaned the pot.

It's amazing how much better coffee tastes when the pot is clean. And, that thought led me to this one: 

What's in the pot of my life---the pot of my mind---the pot of my mouth... that needs to be cleaned?

When we are on the fast-track of life (and who isn't?) it's easy to just 'rinse and go' instead of taking the time to really clean out the pot that brews our thoughts, attitude, actions and words. Before long, we may find that our "pot" is filled with the residue, build up and debris of life's hassles. We may find ourselves acting just like my coffee pot---spitting and steaming, fussing and fuming, and taking FOR-EV-ERRR  to do what we need to do--- the way we need to do it.

Although I like to think my pot is not all that dirty, I admit I've been running so fast lately, I've been in the rinse-and-go mode... and even a little build up can cause thoughts and actions that leave a bad taste. So, today...

Photo: WikiHow
I'm cleaning my pot.

Just like the  variety in the row of cleaners at the supermarket, there are many ways to clean your life's pot. This is what I am going to do---at least for today.

Step 1: I am going to scrub away negative thoughts that have built up in my mind. Just for today- just for the next 24 hours- every time I have a negative thought or reaction, I will write it down on a piece of paper---then cross it out.. 

Just. Like.This.

Step 2: Just for today--just for the next 24 hours--I'll  replace that negative thought or reaction with something positive or constructive. Example: Negative- I don't have enough time. Positive- I have the same 24 hours everybody else in the world has each day. What 10. 15, 20 minutes do have that I spend on "this" that I might shift to spend on "that"? 

Step 3: I'll clean up my words. Trust me... I have one of the most boringly clean mouths around. when it comes to "those" words. But, in general conversation, just for today--just for the next 24 hours-- I'll  replace spitting and steaming (I'm not being literal here, folks) with steadiness and self-control. I'll speak words that encourage, uplift, and unify.

Step 4: Quality in- Quality out. Sometimes, I buy the discount coffee brands. I'm always disappointed. The little  I save isn't worth it, because the quality of what my coffee pot brews is not first rate---no matter how clean the pot. So, just for today-- just for the next 24 hours-- I am going to only feed the pot (my brain) quality material. I started with my scripture and devotional readings this morning. I'm going to be more aware throughout the day of what's on my car radio, my television, and my laptop screen, my conversations.
Christopher Meder from

The next 24 hours might be very cleansing. And, to think. It all started with a cup of coffee... brewed in a freshly washed pot.


  1. I received this nice email last night from a blog reader who wishes to remain anonymous. The note made me happy that I listened to that inner nudging to post it. Sending prayers and positive thoughts for this reader... and to all of us who are "cleaning the pot."

    "I read your blog while on my lunch break on cleaning my coffee pot. Shortly after getting back from lunch… a gentleman from my home group ‘meeting’ called and asked if I could cover his position Sunday night as he would not be able to be there. Guess what he does to help out? He CLEANS OUT THE COFFEE POT at the end of the meeting. Ironically, my job at the meeting is shutting down the “Coffee Bar” as the meeting begins, or moving the coffee pot into the sink and turning the spigot on so it will drain. I swear… it is one of those aha! moments where everything aligned to get a message across to me. (I have been doing a fine job at emptying out the pot… but not so great a job—or at all for that matter—at cleaning it out). I will be working to literally clean my personal coffee pot at home this weekend, will empty AND CLEAN the coffee pot at my home group meeting Sunday night, and will work to consistently clean my metaphorical/figurative coffee pot regularly.

    Thanks for your post today. I always enjoy reading what you write. I hope you have a SUPER weekend!

  2. Just for today... Thank you.