Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pick Up a Flower- Pick Up the Romance

     It's National Water a Flower Day. I don't make things like this up. I just share them. I have a brown thumb. Kill every plant that is courageous enough to venture into my home or flower bed. Growing flowers? Don't like to do it. Receiving flowers? That's another story. Which leads to today's entry. 

     In the grocery store last week, a nice looking 30-something man got in line behind me. I glanced at him. He had a newspaper, a bottle of wine, and a bouquet of flowers. I smiled and said, "Smart man!" He blushed (yes, he did)) and smiled back. I asked him to go ahead of me. "Any guy who takes flowers home to his sweetie deserves to be at the head of the line!" The cashier and two ladies behind us began to clap.

     Men who want to spice up their relationship can go a long way in that department by giving flowers. In my relationship book, "30 Days to Better Love," Day 1 addresses why men should give her flowers and what will probably happen if he does. I'll tell you more in this short video. Watch it. Then water your relationship by giving her flowers. You never know what might bloom.

Click here to watch: 30 Days to Better Love- Day 1

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  2. Every woman deals with stress! A unexpected bouquet would go a long way to help a woman feel heard whether it's for yourself or even better to just go let feel supported!