Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chapel A Day- Day 18 (Lighting Up)

I'd visited the chapel before during this Lenten journey. The name and location of the chapel weren't important this day, though. And, it's not important to this blog entry. What's important is what I found in this chapel. 

I found light. 

Sometimes, it's hard to see the light. Sometimes, the cares of life seem strong and dark and scary. You may wonder... "where has the light gone?"
So, you search for it. You look for the light in your friends. You look for the light in activities. You look for the light in your family. You look for the light in your job. You look for the light in your bank account. You look for the light in the mirror. 

But, you can't find it.

For many years, I attended Christmas Eve services at my home church, Providence UMC in Spanish Fort, AL. At the conclusion of the service, the sanctuary was thrown into total darkness. Then... the pastor, Rev. Bob Sweet, would light a candle. The tiny flame of light would spring to life in the blackness. Two ushers would come forward and light their candle off of his. Then, they moved down the center aisle, lighting the candle of the person on the outside, who would turn to the person next to him/her and do the same. 
As we sang "Silent Night, Holy Night," the sanctuary would begin to fill with a strengthening, wonderful, holy light. By the last verse, the sanctuary was aglow in a beautiful light that took your breath away.

And, it all started with one little flame.

In John 1:5, we are told, "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it."

What I learned in today's chapel moment is that we should keep looking for the light. But, maybe, just maybe... we should look somewhere other than to friends... activities..  .family... account....or the mirror.

Maybe.. just maybe... we should try looking to the original Light. It only takes one little flame to cause the darkness to fade away.

*sanctuary photo courtesy Providence UMC

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