Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Cheer Day 18- Wow! Did you HEAR THAT?

Day 18 - Christmas Cheer 

Photo Credit: Bill Starling Mobile Press-Register
Today's Christmas Cheer is beauty for the the eyes, the ears... and the spirit! Carol of the Bells was presented as part of the University of Mobile's 10 Annual Christmas Spectacular presentation...in a way you may never have seen it before! 

Do yourself a favor. Click the youtube link below (it's safe and virus-free) and take a few minutes to watch and listen to this awesome piece of music, which is performed by incredibly talented singers, musicians and orchestra director Steve Dunn. Don't be lulled into familiarity by the traditional opening It's filled with surprises that just may take your breath away! 
Photo Credit: Dan Anderson

The first comes about 2:00 into the piece..
it's these guys... UM alumni- dueling guitarists! 

Photo Credit: Dan Anderson

The second at around 3:53. (Here's a clue.: Drum. Line.)

Here's the link.CLICK IT. And... enjoy!


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