Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Cheer Day 21 - Peace Train (or Tricycle)

It was December 1960. I was barely two years old. I didn't know a lot... but according to my mother, I knew that Christmas was a'comin' and... 

I. Was. Ready.

Santa came to my Mama Hodie's house that year (my mom's mom.) I only have flashes of memory, and frankly wonder if those flashes are more the result of the very few, well-worn photographs instead of my actual cognizance of that Christmas morning in the piney woods of southeast Texas.

Regardless... it looks like I had every 2 year old's 1960 Christmas-dream-come-true under the tree... a tricycle and a jack-in-the-box! What more could you want? Well, there's the tea-party table and chairs that you do not see in the photograph, and the baby-doll to entertain at said tea-party...but that's beside the point.

As I perused old Christmas photos searching for inspiration for tonight's blog, I began to reflect on the simpler times of my life. It became clear that the happiest Christmases really were the ones where the focus was not on the getting, but more on the giving.. and the loving... and the laughing. 

So, what is at the top of my Christmas list this year? It's a short list. Just one item, really. But if delivered, it could lead to so many more gifts that last beyond the glitter and the gift-wrap.

This year I wish for peace. For you. For me. For our families. For our world. 

Wanna' get on my peace train? (Or tricycle?)  Decide to take  at least one step to make the peace... keep the peace.. share the peace. And in some cases.. you might have to just "hold your peace." And, that's okay, too.

Get a jump start by listening to Vince Gill on youtube. Just click here: Let There Be Peace on Earth - Vince Gill

Christmas is a-comin'.

I. Am. Ready. 

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