Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Cheer Day 19

Day 19 - Christmas Cheer

I am blessed to have a lot of creative friends, particularly at Christmas. I live vicariously through their mesh-masterpieces, wonderful wreaths and elegant embellishments.

My attempt at Christmas crafts ended many years ago when I had an unfortunate run-in with a hot glue gun, some rhinestones and snowflakes... and a freaked-out kitty who tore through my masterpiece on his way to the top of the Christmas tree. 


On the downside.. my crafty buddies make me feel very inadequate at times.On the upside, my creative friends provide me with many moments of visual joy!  And that brings me to the photo tonight that brought a smile to my face and Christmas cheer to my heart!

Photo: Leah Yarbrough Fuqua
Check out the grapevine snowman on my friend, Leah Yarbrough Fuqua's front door! I love the creativity, simplicity and ingenuity of this cheerful door decor!

I am just 6 days away from the final Christmas Cheer blog entry. So, tip your (Santa) hat in salute to those who make our holidays more fun with their sometimes traditional, sometimes off-beat, but, always fun decorations that help make our holidays complete.

Merry, Merry... Y'all! 

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