Tuesday, December 11, 2012

From Christmas Cheer to Christmas Weird Day 11

Day 11- Christmas Cheer!

Where can you find the prettiest Christmas decorations? Well, it all depends...

New York City  has its Rockefeller Center Christmas tree complete with 30,000 lights.

Washington, D.C. has it's 40-something foot tall National Christmas Tree, and the 57-tree Pathway of Peace.

Walt Disney World has Cinderella's Castle all decked out in a breathtaking display of beautiful lights.

But, sometimes... sometimes.. the prettiest Christmas decorations are found in the small, quiet cities and towns of America.

Sometimes, they are found In communities where Christmas is more about giving than grabbing; more about family than fancy parties; more about the Presence, than about the presents.

So.... enjoy this view from the Riverwalk in Milton, Florida. A small town, with a big heart... and a  keen eye for decorating! 

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