Friday, December 7, 2012

From Christmas Cheer to Christmas Weird- Day 7

Day 7- Christmas Cheer!

I am having trouble finding additions to the "Christmas Weird" entries.

I am thinking that's a good thing.

 I DID see a billboard the other day advertising two personal injury lawyers wearing Santa hats. I thought that was kinda' weird.. but I let it pass.

Today's entry comes from the Renaissance Battle House Hotel in downtown Mobile, AL. This 26 foot tall Christmas tree is breathtaking! If you are anywhere near here, CHECK IT OUT! 

They have  a picture frame and chair set up in front of it so that you can take you own Christmas photo. 


This Christmas display was recommended to me by a blogging and FB friend. If you see a Christmas decoration, or display, that is pretty... or pretty weird... let me know! I'd love to share it. In the meantime, check out my previous blog entries.. and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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